Co-Founder & CEO

As CEO, Patrick is in charge of the day-to-day running of Spectrum Designs, Spectrum Bakes and Spectrum Suds. He holds a Masters in Special Education, with a concentration in Behavior Analysis through Long Island University. A natural leader and born innovator, he spends most of his time securing future growth and relationships for the betterment and expansion of all of our social enterprises. Under Patrick’s leadership Spectrum’s businesses have generated annual revenues of over $2.5m and created more than 40 jobs in a neurodiverse workforce.

Patrick brings an enormous skill-set that spans many disciplines, as well as over 13 years of experience working with people adults with developmental disabilities. Outside of his work at Spectrum Designs, Patrick is a board member of the Nicholas Center, New York State Industries for the Disabled and a member of the invite-only Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC).

In 2019 Patrick graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10k Small Business program and joined the Autism @ Work Employer Round table joining an international collection of cross industry employers and innovative leaders who run autism-focused hiring initiatives.