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Employee Stories

Brendan Lanese

Spectrum Designs Foundation was pleased to offer Nicholas Center participant Brendan Lanese a paid position as Production Assistant. Brendan was the first hire in our new 7,500 square foot building. The expansion has allowed us to widen our reach, providing productive employment to so many more. Congratulations to Brendan for his hard work and promotion! Our mission at Spectrum Designs is to provide gainful and integrated employment to young adults with Autism and related disabilities. Every time we are able to employ another individual is a day where we are fulfilling our mission.

Spencer Pusey

Spencer is a valuable employee at Spectrum. Oscar Frias, head of Screen Printing shares, “Spencer is extremely hard working.  He is able to take a critique and fix it, very quickly. Spencer is also really funny, which makes working alongside him very enjoyable!”

Josh Mirsky

Josh began his employment with Spectrum Designs in September of 2016. He explains, “Before Spectrum Designs I worked in the restaurant industry, which didn’t work out because I didn’t feel understood. Following my employment at the restaurant I stayed at home and was pretty miserable.” This is a far cry from the Josh that Spectrum staff see coming in early every day. Patrick Bardsley, Co-founder and CEO of Spectrum Designs has watched Josh grow and flourish as an employee: “Josh is the poster child of the can-do attitude – he always comes in with a smile on his face, in the mood to just get as much done as possible. He is a testament to our disabled workforce and has that attention to detail that has helped us grow so quickly.” Josh loves to talk about his work at Spectrum Designs stating, “Spectrum Designs creates an outlet for me to give back to the community of folks who have Autism. My hope, my wish is that these people have a good support system, if you try your best and work hard, you can achieve anything.” Josh works hard and attributes this to his mother, Karen. Regarding Josh’s employment Karen says, “Spectrum enables him to become a better person and to have meaning and direction in his life.”