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Brooklyn Free School Bag

Brooklyn Free School

Brooklyn Free School (BFS) is a Pre-K through 12th grade independent day school founded in 2003 by a group of parents and teachers recognizing the need for an alternative to the educational choices offered in New York City. These eye-catching totes give them huge brand visibility over the shoulders of students, staff and supporters alike! Why not get your own? Call 516-767-7187 or email now!

Orkestai Farm Bag

Orkestai Farms

Orkestai farm fosters pre-vocational skills development, healthy living, social engagement, and so much more for the community at large, including those with developmental and emotional needs.  This is easily our favorite tote that we’ve ever made – this Direct-To-Garment (DTG) print is vibrant, solid and perfect on the 100% cotton canvas tote. We keep one of these in the office to show customers just how good DTG is – come in and see it for yourself - or better still - come and get your own! Call 516-767-7187 or email now!

shore class of 2016 bag

Shore Class of 2016

This ambitious tote incorporates FIVE color screen printing on a black tote. Not only did we manage to fit all of this in just a 9x9 space on mid-size totes, but we also designed this artwork from scratch in conjunction with the customer. Do you have a great idea for a design? Call us on 516-767-7187 or email and let us bring it to life for you!