John Beyer, President of Men on the Move, a moving and storage company is serious about his work on behalf of Autism. He currently serves on the Boards of Spectrum Designs Foundation, as Treasurer and as Chairman of the Long Island Chapter of Autism Speaks. John was founding member of the David Center,  an organization designed to help families affected by Autism.  He assisted in running the Father’s Support Group for the organization. Additionally, John takes great pride at having served as a Parent Representative at C.S.E. (Committee on Special Education) meetings in school settings to assist and ensure that Special Needs children received the services they needed.  Very generous with his time, John makes every effort to make a positive impact in the community and will always continue to do so.  While building and operating a successful business, he has worked diligently to spread Autism awareness. Creatively, he utilizes his company vehicles as “billboards for awareness”, posting Autism content directly on the company vehicles and, donating moving and storage services to different Autism-related organizations.